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Spacious Living Room


From an early age, OGVA Design founder, Trisha Dunn has used her creative eye and intuitive abilities to give her an edge to understanding the energy of a space and the client she’s helping. She is happiest when creating and working with her hands and imagination to implement her years of experience.  
Trisha’s unique background, life adventures and love of traveling all 7 continents, have shaped her view, cultural palette and enhanced what she brings to the table.

Some of her earliest and most favorite memories were spending time in furniture and flooring stores. “They were my absolute favorite. It was the touch and smell of the new furniture and decor, the textural elements and the fun of being able to sit down in each staged space and transport myself to a completely new environment”.  

Being a competitive level figure skater from early childhood through college gave Trisha the skills of being driven, while understanding the composition, flow and elegance of clean lines. A background in business, merchandising, event planning, advertising and real estate, has given her a balance of running a successful business, while being well versed in both a design and home resell perspective. Through the decades, her passion for creative design has time and time again nudged her back from the business end of things, to where she is most passionate - home interiors and design. Trisha started OGVA Design with gusto and the rest is history. 

I’m usually a DIYer and spend too many hours on Pinterest. I consulted with Trish to talk to her about ideas, space planning and décor possibilities and then how to put everything together. I was stuck and at a crossroads with how to fill my room. Trish was knowledgeable and lovely! During and after our meeting, she provided ideas for my kitchen and living room, concept boards, places to try for certain furnishings and even a shopping list for décor and furniture. She charged me for her time and the initial consultation and got me off to a great start. If you are not looking for a complete design or decorator bill, this was a fantastic option! Loved how everything turned out and love Trish!
- Jean


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